Agriculture Initiatives

Agriculture forms the major backbone of the economy of Dago village. Being in the sugar belt of Sony Sugar, most of the people depend on Agriculture.


In partnership with our university teams, we have set up a bee keeping business for the community. Bee keepers association has 9 members that have established a 24 beehives in the area. The university students have been amazing in continuing to do major research and solving all the problems the farmers are facing, while also teaching them better business skills and management.​

Sustainable Farming Technology​

With all the new simple and complex farming techniques, we are partnering with various organizations, to help us advance and improve the kitchen garden techniques and improve the food supply in the area for families. The technique is being tested currently in 3 different families to determine the effectiveness of the project, before scaling up.

Green House Technology​

Through our partnership with USAID, we benefitted by receiving a greenhouse at the children center. This was initially awarded to a community group for management, but now it’s under the care of the children center. We are working with other partners to figure out some of the environmental and agricultural challenges that we have faced. 

Dairy Project

Over the years, Dago benefited from support of other organization and established a very great plan of sustainability via dairy project, but this was not successful because the scope was not shared and proper training was not given to the community. We are trying to revive the same project, but change the strategy. Currently the center has 2 dairy cow and a calf, but also benefit from 2 other community members who are providing a percentage of their produce to the center​

Poultry Project

With our partners and friends we are exploring many of the new poultry techniques that would benefit the center. We believe by empowering community to raise chickens, then providing proceeds to the center. This is something we are exploring and might be implementing by the end of the year​

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