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$25,778 of $50,000 raised

Friends of Dago in collaboration with our good friends are making major change in EDUCATION FOR THE COMMUNITY. Dago primary school has over 350 students.

High School Scholarship:
We are working with partners to provide scholarships to our students for high school. We don’t want any kid to miss going to high school. We have sent over 60 students to high school since 2008, most of them are currently in college studying various disciplines.
Currently we have 29 students in high school benefiting from the scholarship funding from our kind friends and partners.

Dago Local Primary School:
Dago primary school has more than 350 students from Grades 1 to 8. Most of the students are from the community with some of them from the neighboring communities. We strive to support the school with school supplies for the students, ensure they have uniforms and shoes once a year. We call the project “back project for students.”
We also try to work with the community to promote the importance of education so that parents ensure, not even our girls are missing school because of the menstruation cycle.
We also try every year to provide the deworming against scabies in school. This is an initiative that we do once a year. Thanks to all the supporters of this wonderful initiative.

Dago Primary Boarding Scholarship:
Through our good friends, Dago children also benefit from a primary school scholarship program. The students are sent to a private school in Kilgoris. Sirau Aulo has seen over 50 students from Dago. We have had more than 15 graduate and join very prestigious high schools as well.
Currently we have 27 students in the program and are doing very well.

Early Childhood Education Program:
Through friends of Dago initiatives, we built an early childhood education classroom for the children ages 3 to 7 years. This initiative is very important, because we never had very productive graduation rate for our children in Dago school. We identify the need for pre-school opportunities. With the pioneering class now in 1st, grade, we hope we will have a better performance for the children once they get to 8th grade.
Currently we have 4 teachers working full time in this program with over 80 students registered.


Under staffing:
We have 12 teachers total for the local primary school serving well over 350 students, this is hindering performance to our school.

Supply needs:
It’s very difficult to keep up with all the educational needs for all our students, from high school to the early childhood demands.

Program limitations:
We have not been successful in developing extra projects and opportunities for the students to explore. We have need for Art projects; drama and theater, sports opportunities, geographic exposure and youth clubs for the students.

Dago local primary school has no library, we know this is such a great resource not only to the children, but also the youths and community as a whole.

We have been enjoying so much support from kind supporters, doing the best they can on scholarship for both high school and primary boarding.

There are always opportunities to partner with other organizations, universities, volunteers and well-wishers to help us reach more community needs.

We have started small exposure and opportunities for our students with talents. I know we will get support for this initiative

We hope that we can set up a funding to help support paying community teachers to help substitute and strengthen our staff at the school.

Lots of parents are responding positively to all the calls to empower and support their children’s school needs.

Many people love to support education. We hope to get more organizations on board to help further our course.

Volunteers love to spend time in Dago, we have lots of volunteer opportunities with our educational initiative. Groups, family and individuals are welcomed.

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