Housing Initiative

Widow’s housing project was initiated in 2008. We have helped build new homes, repair and revamp homes that are in bad shape.

Working with partner organizations, individual supporters and Friends of Dago, we have managed to build and revamp over 30 homes in Dago community.

Along with building homes, we ensure the families also have a sustainable means of survival, so we also build and provide chicken coops for this family, so they can have a small business and source of food. The group provides 2 chickens and a rooster as a startup for the families.

Oxen Project

​For a long time, Dago has enjoyed the benefits of the ox project. Dago was provided with 32 oxen’s and all the equipment’s to go with it. We gave this out to community members who would use the animals to provide for their families, but also help take care of the children center properties. They were also obligated to provide a percentage of their produce to support the center. This is a project we hold dearly and will continue to pursue and support.

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