Program Description:

A week-long program held annually in a rural Kenyan village. Fourteen communities gather to compete in various sports activities (soccer, volleyball and netball), while thousands of community members show their support. Those in attendance receive health and leadership education, vital health services such as HIV counseling and testing, optometry and dental exams, and are offered general medical treatment. We also have an educational piece on major cultural issues supporting the spread of HIV/AIDS including, but not limited to, wife inheritance; polygamy; human rights; substance abuse and more.

When will the event be held?

  • We are planning our summer medical and sports camp which will be held from 8th – 13th, December 2019 in Dago Village.​

Why do we host this event?

  • We offer medical services to over 95% of our people, who otherwise do not get any medical check-up.
  • We keep the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign alive. We offer Voluntary Counseling and Testing to the youths.
  • We keep alive the awareness of some major practices that enable the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst families (i.e. campaign against wife inheritance and polygamy).
  • Over 14 communities get together to celebrate talents through sports competition.

What happens during this week?

During this 6-day camp, both local and guest volunteers give about 6 hours a day, providing various services to the people. These include:

  • General medical services
  • Dental services
  • Eye checkups
  • Voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS
  • First aid training to team representatives
  • Leadership training to sports coaches and referees
  • Counseling services for drug and alcohol abusers
  • Family counseling services for youths

Who are the beneficiaries of this event?

For the past five years, we have reached more than 4,000 people of all ages during each of these camps. We have always targeted the youths and the newly married couples in the area as well. The elders have always been supportive and embraced this event wholeheartedly. The beneficiaries include:

  • Over 192 team representatives that get leadership training on health and First aid training.
  • Families that are struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • The 95% community people who have never gotten a medical checkup.
  • Community members who have dental and eye problems.
  • 14 communities that are represented in the sports camp, reaching over 4,000 people.
  • 48 sports teams that are represented in the tournament (4 junior soccer teams; 12 senior soccer teams; 12 women’s volleyball teams; 12 men’s volleyball teams; 12 women’s netball teams).

How your Donation will help?

The fundraising goal is $10,000 to buy the medication that will serve over 4,000 people, during the 6-days. This will go towards:

  • Medical expenses
  • First Aid training
  • Eye Check + Glasses
  • Dental equipment + Medications
  • HIV/AIDS kits + Counselors
  • Event materials and handbooks.
  • Event management and operation

Who can volunteer in Dago?

Dago village has open doors to all volunteers, both local and international who wish to not only be part of our annual event, but also wish to volunteer anytime of the year. For this particular event, we welcome:

  • Medical practitioners
  • Families; Group and
  • Individual volunteers
  • College and University Student Groups
  • Church groups and Mission groups.
  • Sports Clubs

How much does it cost to travel to Dago?
To participate, it costs a total of $1,700 + Airfare ($1,700 – $2,000)
This cost includes:

  • In-Country Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • 3 day Safari to Maasai Mara

This cost does not include:

  • Airfare ($1,700 – $2,000)
  • Visa & passport fees
  • Immunizations
  • Travel insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Extra spending money

How can you help?

  • Donate towards the summer medical camp
  • Volunteer as an ambassador for Friends of Dago.
  • Help us obtain some of the needed supplies and materials for the camp.
  • Come with us to the event in Kenya.

Making a donation is super easy!

  • Visit our website “Donate” link and give.
  • Visit our online fundraising Kenyan Goals
  • Mail us a check to: Friends of Dago, PO Box  ​100 Myrtle St, Longwood Florida 32750

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteer who love to help.

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