Bringing donations to people looks different in each country. Water sources, terrain, and population all play a part in determining what technology is required to serve people well, but there’s a solution to everything.


​Friends of Dago in collaboration with our good friends are making major change in education for the community. Dago primary school has over 350 students.


Working with partner organizations, individual supporters and Friends of Dago, we have managed to build and revamp over 30 homes in Dago community.

Community Outreach Center

We hope to continue and expand our efforts to help give this opportunities to Dago. Currently we have partnered with good friends and universities to create startups and entrepreneurship opportunities for Dago.


Being in the sugar belt of Sony Sugar, most of the people depend on agriculture. We are working with the community to develop other agricultural initiatives to help them provide for their family and to not solely depend on the sugarcane, which takes over 2 years to harvest.


The main aim of this program is to attract and teach people on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, the importance of knowing your health status, as well as general education on health, family life, and team work.


Working with USAID, as a liaison partner, all our children are provided with medical care. These children are able to get treatment for free or at a reduced cost at specific medical facilities.

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