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Friends of Dago, bridges the gap between the community and all supporters, friends, donors, and partners. We try to bring and rally together all friends to help organize events, volunteer, support and partner with our community.
Friends of Dago is working to help Dago Community be self-sustainable by advocating for all the projects they are trying to undertake to achieve this goal.

Continuing Support Needs:
Daily feeding program for all the 150 children supported by the program.

Supporting and providing resources for girls across the board.
Support for the dairy program that is at the center.
Support the greenhouse technology installed at the center.
Support the security and the caretaker fees for the center.

We have managed to house now 20 girls at the center. Most of them got sponsorship to private boarding school. Thanks to our partners who have not only sent the young girls, but have sent 27 students along with the girls.

We have constantly provided adequate security for the center. We have one security guard always ensuring everything is safe.
We have 4 dairy cows at the center that provide milk for the center. Some used at the center and the extra is sold to support other needs at the center. We have provided a caretaker that makes all this happen.

We have the greenhouse now under the care of the center. We are still exploring the best way to use it. Thanks to our partners.

We have solved the water problems at the center. Through gracious friends, we installed a water pump that is able to provide enough for the center.

We have acquired 3.4 acres of land, that we are using now to produce corn and beans, but we are exploring the best way to utilize the new farming technology to make it our main source of sustainability for the center.

Always faced with changes in climate, making it difficult to rely on Agriculture as the main source sustainability.
Medical expenses for the center.
Feeding program needs of the center.
Funds for security and caretaker needs for the center.

With the 3.4 acres in our bucket, we can build a successful farming system that will not only support the program, but also create surplus that will in turn support other initiatives for the center.

With many volunteers and supporters interested in different projects, we are branching more to work with the community, especially empowering the women, youths and men.

With the children center, being located in the public school compound, we have great partnership with the school and the community. Working to improve the education performance of the local school.

Working as a liaison office for USAID, we are reaching far more with the health program supporting over 5000 children and serving more than 500 homes.

There are always opportunities to partner with other organizations, universities, volunteers and well-wishers to help us reach more community needs.

We have lots of volunteer opportunities at Dago Children Center year round. Groups, family and individuals are welcomed

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