How We Work

We invest the money we raise into organizations with years of experience to build sustainable, community-owned projects in rural Kenya. Our team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to our donors. Learn about our approach, the solutions we fund and our partners on the ground.


The organizations that we choose to partner with have demonstrated a community-centered approach, excellent financial reporting and a deep knowledge of  project implementation. They are some of the best in the world at bringing help to people in need. 

Our Progress

We’re passionate about solving the HIV/AIDS crisis in our lifetime, using 100% of all public donations to fund  projects, and proving where every dollar goes with photos and GPS coordinates. Here’s the progress we’ve made since we started working in 2006.


Where We Work

We fund  programs in 2 counties around Lake Victoria region. Water scarcity, poverty, political stability and strong partner organizations all play a part in where we choose to work. We focus on providing rural communities with their first access to health care.
Google Earth: https://bit.ly/2X5Sery


Program Description:

A week-long program held annually in a rural Kenyan village. Fourteen communities gather to compete in various sports activities (soccer, volleyball and netball), while thousands of community members show their support.

When will the event be held?

​We are planning our summer medical and sports camp which will be held from 8th – 13th, December 2019 in Dago Village.

Who are the beneficiaries of this event?

For the past five years, we have reached more than 4,000 people of all ages during each of these camps. We have always targeted the youths and the newly married couples in the area as well. The elders have always been supportive and embraced this event wholeheartedly. 

Who can volunteer in Dago?

Dago village has open doors to all volunteers, both local and international who wish to not only be part of our annual event, but also wish to volunteer anytime of the year.

The Next Step in Sustainability

In November 2015, charity: Friends of Dago started partnering with local governments and working with local leaders  who let us know how our projects are working at any given time. We’re still improving and adopting  technology. And we’re sharing what we’re learning.

Every $1 invested can yield $4–$12 in economic returns.

It’s a solid investment; access to necessities is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic growth that humanity has ever known.

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