New Year's Resolution 2019:

Our goal is to continue raising funds to support the following programs:

1. Continuing education scholarships for HIV-affected children

One-time contributions of any amount can be made to the general scholarship fund, or you can choose to support a particular child for an entire year through a one-time donation of $650 or three installment donations of $217 paid in January, April, and August. The school system in Kenya is such that after eighth grade, if the child cannot afford to pay school fees for high school, then the child’s education is over. Friends of Dago, Inc. currently supports 29 HIV-affected or vulnerable children through scholarships. It currently costs approximately $650 per school year for children to attend Secondary school in Kenya (equivalent to U.S. High School).

2. Day Care Feeding and Full Boarding Program

Through the efforts of Dago Dala Hera orphanage, every day, 120 orphaned village children receive at least 2 meals a day. The 36 girls who are currently boarding at the orphanage also receive dinner and comfortable living accommodations each day. Right, now, the feed and boarding program are possible through the generous support of donors from Friends of Dago, Inc., and various mission volunteers and teams who visit each year. It is our dream to use the generous support we receive to become more self-sustaining by leasing more farmland to grow food crops and purchase more farm animals for our other food needs. By becoming more self-sustaining, we will be able to utilize the monetary support we receive from donors each year to support other programs in the village. It currently costs approximately $550 each month to support the daytime feeding and full boarding program. You can sponsor one child for $15 per month.

3. Kenyan Goals: Medical and Sports Camp

Kenyan Goals is an annual event where we use the draw of a soccer tournament to educate attendees about HIV/AIDS, Wife inheritance awareness, polygamy problems as we provide medical services (including eye exams, dental exams, and general health care consultations), and test community members for HIV/AIDS. In the past we have treated more than 3,000 people at this event and also supported 40 participating teams with 800 participants for the soccer tournament and over 3,000 attendees during the event. It costs approximately $10,000 to run a successful six-day medical and soccer event. Volunteers are always welcome to join us during this amazing time.

4. Deworming

Friends of Dago, Inc. provides medicine to treat for intestinal worms for over 300 local children. Regular deworming contributes to good health and leads to increased enrollment and school attendance. It costs .75 cents to deworm one child. To deworm all of the children attending the 5 local schools close to Dago would cost approximately $270.00.

5. Sustainability Projects

Friends of Dago, Inc. provides support to purchase farm animals and land so the orphanage will be self-sufficient in the future. Currently the orphanage leases 3 acres of land to grow food crops. We just got greenhouse in attempt to make use of the new methods of farming while maximizing the use of our small land. We are still building the structure. It costs approximately $35 to plant corn on the leased land each planting season. Three bags of fertilizer are generally needed during the planting and each bag costs approximately $35 and normally take 10 bags. Total of $400 to maintain the farm throughout the year.

6. Miscellaneous Projects

To the greatest extent possible Friends of Dago, Inc., provides additional support for various village construction projects (new wells, school buildings, improvements to the orphanage, etc.). We also support by providing school supplies and shoes to the village children, helping with medical and dietary needs of the children (treatment for malaria is a common need for village children), and environmental projects such as tree-planting.

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